Five Nights In Anime 2

Have you ever seen these scary cartoons and can’t even imagine how fascinating they are for children? This montage turns the robots into animated girls so you can see them in a better light. Now the game isn’t scary at all, but the thrill and complexity remains.

Balloon Boy, Foxy, Golden Freddy and other toys from episode 2 return in a new design! Memorising the strategy won’t take long. Turn the cameras on to check the position of the girls and as soon as you see them running towards one of the doors, act.

Your safety boots are fully automated, so you can escape by pressing the right buttons while sitting in your chair. Each character requires a different approach: Foxy, for example, may stand still for a long time and then suddenly attack, while Bonnie and Chika will approach your room first and block it from both sides. If the host is hiding, you still have a chance to survive.

Put your mask on immediately or, if you know you can’t, beg the guy on the phone to help you survive the remaining hours without serious consequences.

Get out of the tense chaos at 6am and come back for another happy night. Cute mascots await your return!