Dangerous Fellows

Far from home, hungry, sleep-deprived. This is how you get to know the protagonist of this post-apocalyptic story. The zombie virus spares neither young nor old, destroying life wherever they live. An eerie silence gnaws away the last vestiges of hope, and a lonely girl feels she cannot cope. Living bodies appear in her tired eyes and familiar faces appear in her last moments of memory, but a strong hand pulls her out of the spiral of depression.

This miraculous rescue opens a new chapter in the survivor’s biography. He is now guarded by five armed and extremely dangerous companions. Instead of succumbing to terrifying thoughts about the fate of the world, he manages to build a relationship with his rescuers and the small settlement they protect.

In this autobiographical novel, he is constantly surrounded by beautiful peacemakers. Aim for the compassionate, wise or tsundere type, but be careful when addressing more than one man at a time! Even the sweetest girl has secrets, but you can melt the thickest ice…… If you survive! A few words from you can lead to a tragic break-up, betrayal and abandonment. Use logic and intuition to create the fate you want for your hero.