Sally Face 2

A father and son try to escape their troubled past by moving to a new neighbourhood. But it may be in the boy’s blood that mysterious adventures await him wherever he goes.

Larry and Ash, together with their teenager, get involved in a sensational criminal case that is not as simple as it seems. “Razorback” explores the many layers of the building’s deep history and paranormal aspect. As nightmares full of crazy ideas become reality, the young gang must save the building’s inhabitants and possibly the world from the worst possible outcome.

As you can see, this is far from being a typical boring detective story. It may be a simple problem with low-level ghosts at the beginning, but it can turn into a serious problem with more powerful entities. Also, the blue-eyed protagonist gradually uncovers the secret behind the prosthetic mask and the details of the crime at the end of the story.

Challenging puzzles allow you to get to know the characters better and have long conversations with them. It is impossible to make friends with young people along the way, and it is just as difficult to say goodbye to them in the end. In Sally Face 2 you can return to familiar faces and correct mistakes made in the previous game.