Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator is a sandbox with virtually unlimited student interaction. Kill them or hunt them in dozens of different ways!

It is easy to fool your classmates and fool Olympus Academy, the ruling demigods with extraordinary mental and physical abilities. And find a special way to hurt Senpai, the center of the universe, that gives meaning to Ayan’s efforts.

How is a villain born?

The story of this open world game lives on in every corner of the virtual world. The main character, Ayano Aichi, is cursed from birth. He, like his mother, does not respond to feelings and does not find a place for them in his life. Everything that he achieved before the age of 18, he owes to his analytical, sensual mind.

But a prestigious university gives him a real purpose. I was late for class and met him. A boy of dazzling beauty and gentle demeanor, he shares feelings with Ayano that she hides.

But the curse isn’t going anywhere. To be reborn, the protagonist will have to fight women who dare to approach Taro Yamada. In doing so, he must maintain his reputation as an angel within the walls of the college. Fortunately, thanks to ingenuity and thoughtful design, it is more than possible. Find opportunities down to the smallest detail.

An attentive student can easily detect the features of the use of household items. Three major gaming sites are ready to make stronger and more reliable using their resources.

The nearby Buraza school offers a lot of good tools for those with money, and Ayano can buy manga to learn how relationships work and how to get rid of rivals, as well as buy cigarettes to knock enemies off the table and ruin their reputation. The heroine can also enhance her design with cute lingerie – every item she buys in the lingerie store gives her an advantage in a particular job.

Yandere Simulator is a practical and safe repository of the necessary elements for the development of the plot. A tarot group, a secret rival vault, and a press VCR take you into the criminal past of Aisha’s family.

The work on the university building is finally completed. Here you can test the cunning and talent of the heroine and see the results of her efforts.