Game of Sultans

He goes to the magnificent Ottoman Empire. Here he can feel like a real master of the world. Do you want everyone to listen to you? Give orders to all your servants, and you can be sure they will be carried out to the end.

The graphics are stunning and take you back to a golden age. Feel the power! You have no idea how much fun it will be!

What’s waiting for you in the palace of the king?

Your life will change as you take your place on the royal throne! You have a lot of work ahead of you! You’ll have to make decisions that won’t hurt your kingdom. You will have to make all kinds of decisions!

If you think this will always be the case and that you’ll be bored, you’re wrong. You don’t have to be busy doing something important all the time. You can also have fun and improve your personal life.

Men or women from different countries come to you. They all want to win your heart! You have to contact each one and decide who deserves your kind words and deeds. Decide who you think is a good choice to continue your dynasty! Provide for the development and education of your heirs! Give them the right rules to keep them happy.