Yandere Simulator 1980

We know Ayan’s story, but what is his mother’s love story? Ryuu Aisha is also known as a bully. She was obsessed with Yoichi Yokota in the 1980s and fought against 11 famous students at the school to get a chance to talk to Yoichi.

Her love story was complicated because she wanted to be a young investigative journalist. She guards the entrance to the academy and wants to make a name for herself by finding and solving Sumire Saitozaki’s murder case. The Yandere Simulator character is clearly not looking to succeed.

So you have to be very careful when searching for the senpai. More and more handsome opponents and more and more details of his daily life. Ender, models or rich kids are equally deadly in Rio’s eyes.

Enjoy the interactive and entertaining theatrical action

The assassins are already behind your character. That’s why he must keep his reputation no matter how he achieves his goal.

Follow consistent tactics to achieve easy wins, experiment or develop your character. At the beginning of each week he has a crazy dream about the fate of his opponents. If you follow his instructions and don’t get stuck, you’ll be rewarded with a proper ending scenario and a higher S+ grade.

Whichever path you choose, the old gym is one of the biggest challenges in the game. The court will judge your student for even the slightest flaw. Respectful relationships with your classmates and attendance will help you strengthen your alibi. Keep an eye on the general atmosphere on campus and reassure your acquaintances when necessary.

This Yandere simulation offers an incredible environment in which to develop your hidden skills. Find the right moment when no one is around for the victim and let Ash do his job – come up with a stolen heart.