Blush Blush

It’s a really fun arcade game, perfect for passing the time. If you get stuck, you’ll have a hard time getting out without reaching the end of the game. It’s suitable for all ages, but adults will enjoy it more.

By participating in this adventure, you’ll be able to answer the question “Can love save the world?” Question “Will you be able to pass the various challenges and have fun?”

Save the heroes from a terrible curse!

Meet the two main characters. They are both young and have a lot of fun together. There’s an anime atmosphere, so you’ll love the bright and beautiful graphics. Plus, it’s always accompanied by pleasant melodies.

One day two children fall into the hands of an evil witch. She is completely unprincipled and likes to play dirty tricks. Both are cursed for life. But what if there is a solution? As in all such situations, love should help. Help these two people break the curse and be happy again! This is our goal.

You have to perform various tasks that affect the course of events. Learn how to make good use of your free time. The fate of the heroes is in your hands. It’s up to you to make them happy! You must make them happy. You must make them happy. You have to work hard, because nothing is ever in vain.