Yandere Simulator 2

What happens to Ayano and Taro when the final barrier to happiness disappears? Fans want to know the consequences of their hard work. The answer lies in Yandere Simulator 2 The Sequel, an unofficial visual novel with many possibilities and consequences.

Now the heroine’s future is as clear as her mother’s. She also learns about the origins of her family’s curse, the sympathetic side of the hunter and overcomes the last thick wall between him and her.

The enemy that destroys everything

Who would have thought Hanako Yamada would stand in his way? She was the only woman he had ever loved. When the sweet boy asked his brother to forget all contact with schoolgirls, he didn’t refuse.

Ayano hesitated for a moment. Taro cannot accept his brother’s death, so convincing him to stop bullying him is like walking on thin ice. His fate is in your hands. The right words can save a life, but the wrong words can open the gates of hell.

But the real storm is now behind us. The student council introduces its long-time president, Amy Psycho. The silver-haired, blue-eyed president announces a shocking revelation that the whole world fears. She says there is an assassin lurking among university students. This wolf in sheep’s clothing is responsible for ruining the lives of eight students.

But he won’t be able to escape a brutal justice. Because Megami himself has sworn to set things right. Aisha must act as quietly as possible but not let this wolf know the truth.

After that comes an avalanche of irreparable consequences

Much like Yandere’s simile, this novel makes you ponder every word. You play as hero and villain, and your decisions determine the outcome of the entire story. Some characters move forward, others slow down and try to bring this labyrinthine novel to a happy ending.