Anime Sniper

Who says girls can’t shoot well? Here you will see otherwise! Enter the world of war and show what women can do. It’s got great graphics and a great soundtrack! It’s got great graphics and a great soundtrack.

The gunfire and explosions will be a pleasure to watch! Try your hand and see how far you can go!

Take on your enemies in truly brutal battles! Who are your enemies?

This story is about a terrible event. One day some ruthless creatures from another planet attack a Japanese city. They decided to conquer all the streets and thought nothing could stop them. They were too powerful and dangerous to be dealt with by a mere army.

Now it’s time to save and protect your city. Join two other glamorous girls and become part of an elite group. You have to go through all the stages of training! You have to learn how to hold a gun correctly, aim and shoot accurately. You have a lot of missions to get through, so be prepared.

You will have to fight day and night, so try not to waste too much energy! You will witness incredible natural phenomena. Learn not to lose control during heavy rain or snow. Stick to clearly defined goals so that you don’t let your team down! You must do your job! Do your best to destroy all the aliens!