Demon God

Welcome to a new virtual world where you must choose one of two sides and restore order. Decide which side you want to be on: the good side or the bad side? The game has excellent graphics and relatively simple controls.

You have to attack different monsters and always come out on top! Get ready for this exciting adventure!

Create your own unique character and conquer the world!

Before you start this amazing story, you need to customize your character. You have to decide and choose a class for it, in total there are three classes available. Give him a name and start your journey.

You have to explore this huge universe to the smallest detail. Whenever you encounter an enemy, your character will automatically enter the battle. Each time you eliminate an enemy, you will earn points. You can use them to upgrade your character’s abilities.

There are also lots of interesting missions in the game for you to complete! Complete them and you will be rewarded for your achievements. You’ll also find great costumes in their catalogue to make your character even more memorable.

Grab your friends or the rest of your team and enter the dungeons – the most dangerous monsters are waiting for you! Can you collect the maximum number of stars?