It’s a wonderful interactive story about a little girl. Here you can experience different situations with her. You can laugh with joy or cry with sadness. Your life depends on your decisions.

Try to think logically and make your own decisions. Travel to a new world and help the main character to control her emotions.

What awaits this beautiful girl next?

Your heroine is 25 years old and knows she is trapped. She’s still working and doesn’t have time to see her friends. She spends her free time sleeping and working on social networks. One day, however, she meets a young man.

He is a talented musician and attracts her attention. They spend more time together and communicate more intensively. Your task is to follow their love lines and help them from time to time. Every relationship has its ups and downs.

Rejoice in the small and big victories. Understand their differences and small quarrels. You have to help the main character at every stage of the relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to make the right decision because it’s first love.