Yuppie Psycho

Brian Pasternak should read his employment contract more carefully. When he escapes the paper-eating monster, he realizes that his friends at SintraCorp can’t believe what’s happened to him. When he hires this bad boy for a witch hunt, the HR manager says nothing.

Yappy Psychos is on a mission to break the corporate curse. But he knows nothing about the company’s past, and his eccentric co-workers avoid talking about the crimes that happened under his nose.

Investigate the inferno and learn all about it from the inside. He risks his life to uncover the truth about the founder and free the boss’s room. With the help of former detective Corvo, Brian must find the CEO’s missing heir, solve the case and get the company back on track.

Above all, he must find his kidnapped partner. Though they’ve only known each other for a few hours, Brian knows he must respond to this warm invitation with equal warmth. But he must hurry. After all, the witch is looking for a new victim to help her regain her powers. Even if she’s worth it, you only have one day off. Be careful, because the hero’s fate and the consequences that await him depend on your actions.