An exciting adventure awaits you. It has great graphics and beautiful music. Music is one of the elements of this challenge. If you like something that sounds good, you’ll love it!

You have dozens of levels to get what you came for! Discover all the secrets and play each song to perfection!

Help the girl get home!

The story features a mysterious character. She lives alone, far away from everyone. She owns the whole castle. Sometimes she gets bored, but she never disappears. One day, a little girl falls from the sky and enters her castle. She doesn’t know her name and doesn’t know where she comes from.

Your hero is happy because he has found the friend he has dreamed of for so long. They spend some time together and have a lot of fun. After a while, however, it becomes clear that he is homesick and wants to go back. Our curious heroine realises that the piano can help her.

On it is a small tree that can bring the girl back home. The plant starts to grow when pleasant music is played. To please the girl, you have to play many songs and not skip any! Are you ready for this project? Discover all the secrets, even if the girl is not ready yet!