Together on the playground, at school and now at university! Osana Najimi and Taro Yamada have known each other since childhood and continue the tradition.

While his younger sister Hanako is hysterical that girls are interested in her brother, the red-haired beauty is literally the only white girl.

Tara’s friends aren’t particularly interested in her. Necimi constantly makes fun of her boyfriend because she is afraid to express her true feelings. What happens when Senpai rejects her feelings? Luckily, Ayano is there to solve his inner problems.

One hundred ways to resolve love conflicts

“Yandere Simulator” gives you plenty of tools to confront your opponents! Your character can choose the peaceful path and leave his old friend Yamada alive, or he can take a risk. For example, you can find a new love for Yamimi and force her to give up her precious child. Or you can destroy all the gifts he gives you and force Senpai to be afraid of his strange jokes, a clear win in the game.

But your character is crazy enough to pull out a knife. To unlock the full potential of the game, you’ll need to go to the academy and search for dangerous sharp, heavy or poisonous objects. Students can’t be fooled when they see evil! If they reveal shocking details to respected board members or teachers, they will be punished swiftly and severely.

Plan every step of the process

The cherry-picking confession is just five days away. Take the time to familiarise yourself with your child’s school routine and notice if your child is lonely. Watch him closely during the first half of the week and make a well-thought-out plan before Friday’s meeting on the roof.

Sure, you may not like your tarot-player, but you’re not the only one who hates him. Infochan is determined to ruin his life. You’d better do what the spy wants, or this beautiful sunny day will break Ayano’s heart.