Underworld Office

Life is a mysterious gift. The most exciting thing is that you don’t know when it will end. Eugene is surprised that even ghosts don’t know.

In underground space, the boy accidentally witnesses paranormal phenomena. A very scary creature jumps on top of him and expels his soul from his body! From that moment on, Eugene began to experience life after death. He is able to communicate with the spirits and they with him, although not always in a friendly way.

That’s why he has to stay with the alien rescuers. However, there is one small detail: Eugene owes the Dark Lord three alms for saving his son’s life. So our humble friend gets a job in a prestigious criminal organisation! His first and last task is to seek out and destroy the demons that live in people’s minds.

During the day, the hero behaves like a normal child. He interacts with his colleagues and warns them about a colleague with obsessive compulsive disorder. Late at night, a ghost invades their minds and tries to resolve the conflict. Plan your strategy early, because your decisions have an immediate impact. Be careful, therefore, that you do not become one of the demons you are fighting when you pay off debts.