SAKURA School Simulator

In this world, people are not afraid to take risks. They are immortal and can turn their city into an endless epic battlefield. But after centuries of effort, the inhabitants prefer order to chaos. They have founded a thriving colony and have begun to live a peaceful life far away from the chaos on the planet.

You are part of a new generation stuck in the shackles of boredom. At first, your character can befriend the inhabitants, make friends, throw parties and have affairs. They don’t have to follow a pocket watch to a map that tells them where public and secret places are. Eat cheesecakes at a café or meet criminals in the dark corners of town.

You can also encourage activity in a quiet place. Borrow a rocket launcher from the Yakuza office and taunt the jetpack cops! It’s fun to prey on the locals and disrupt their daily encounters, but it’s hard to earn their respect when they wake up. It’s fun to see that the community remembers and responds to your actions. Explore your curiosity and create a new story in the anime game by pretending to be an ordinary high school student.