Yandere Simulator Game Play Online

Ayano Aisi has never had such strong feelings for someone. A boy becomes the reality of her dreams before her eyes! Yamada’s looks and behaviour make him the perfect partner, but she needs time to come to terms… But the cheeky students at her academy are getting on her nerves!

The racy girls take on the cool and handsome Senpai. When one disappears, the other immediately takes over. It all starts with the hero’s childhood friend Osana Najima. She becomes the perfect role model for the best psychological methods.

Guns and the power of words

Aishi, an award-winning student at Japan’s top university, can’t stand the competition. She will use her utmost strength to overcome the barrier that stands between her and her friend, even if she has to kill him.

Her high school friends give her an impeccable reputation at school. Her lessons in biology, language and chemistry will help him in his devious plans. Use your brains, strength and even magic.

In Yandere Simulator you have until Friday to solve this case, or a meeting between your senpai and your worst enemy under the cherry tree will paralyse your hero’s life. When the popularity of your exorcism increases, you can slander the target. Find a laxative or poisonous chemical to add to the girl’s or boy’s bento. Or join an occult club and summon one of the three demons from the plan to eliminate the object of your hatred.

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There are 19 ways to get rid of Yamada’s annoying friends in Yandere Simulator. The list includes more than 50 options, including combinations, different tools and mods that can lead you to your goal! They all have consequences.

Good and bad ends

Although this game is a sandbox type, you can win and lose missions. For example, Ayano is automatically defeated if someone notices blood on her uniform and reports it to the police, teacher or senpai. And of course, if Osana shares her love with a childhood friend and gets a positive response…

The real end that users should reach is the end where the path to the object of interest is free. No student should know about your offence, so a sufficient level of knowledge is required.

Creative scenarios

The difficulty of Vanilla’s story is not the only fun part. First the enemy, then the whole academy! Customise the look of your students and come up with amazing scenarios to drive them crazy.

Type “abcdefg” on the main character and you’ll start a battle with an Easter egg called “The Alphabet Killer”. This is the hardest challenge as the girl has killed all 79 students at the university. You have to keep order, so a random witness will probably cause the end. You have to keep order, so a random witness will probably cause the end.

Don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan, because you are in control. You have five days from Monday to Friday to explore the game and find ways to knock out your opponent. If you complete the Info-Chance, Bully and Club Member missions, you’ll help Stalker-chan build a happy relationship with her senpai.